Why does my cat sleep on me?

Cats are pets that are known for their independence. However, they are no less attached to their owners. Among the behaviors that show this very strong bond, the cat may come and sleep on you, which shows absolute trust. Indeed, the sleeping cat is more vulnerable, it will only sleep with people with whom it has a strong emotional bond. There are several other reasons for this attitude.

Because it feels safe

Cats are animals that are in control of their environment. Therefore, they don’t sleep just anywhere, whether outside or in your home. They always choose specific places, often high up. If your cat lies down on your side or sits on your lap to sleep, it’s a sign of trust in you. Your cat knows that it is safe with you, it feels protected in your presence. Moreover, in these cases, it shows other signs of attachment and well-being such as purring.

Because it seeks your warmth

When he is young, the cat sleeps against his mother, his brothers and sisters to survive. Indeed, having difficulty regulating his body temperature, the warmth of his mother and other kittens is vital for him. Together, the kittens warm each other. As the cat grows, it continues to love the heat. It’s common to see them lying outside in the sun. Similarly, inside a home, a cat will seek out a comfortable source of warmth, such as a cushion near a radiator. Your lap is also a perfect place for him. Your scent and warmth make him feel safe. This behavior also signals a sense of trust with you, knowing that a sleeping cat is more vulnerable. With you, he knows he’s safe.

Because it is attached to you

From birth, cats are used to snuggling with their mothers during the eight-week weaning period. Then, once it lives with a human, it will reproduce the same pattern. Thus, the cat will create a relationship with you that will be similar to its mother-kitten relationship. He will quickly understand that your role is to feed him and take care of him as she did. Thus, a real attachment will be born between you and your cat. As he grows, the cat will still acquire a more solitary behavior because it is in his nature. But some cats get into the habit of sleeping with their owners, reminding them of their kitten-like behavior with their mother.

No matter what people say, a cat is a pet that is attached to its owner even if it keeps an independent character. A cat that comes to sleep on you does so because it feels safe and secure. It also seeks your warmth, a safe and comfortable place to rest. Finally, the cat keeps certain habits that it had with its mother when it was a kitten. Moreover, the cat being a territorial animal, marks its territory. If your cat regularly comes to lie on you or against you, it means that it appreciates your presence, that it simply loves you.