Well-being of the indoor cat: which cat games to choose?

Playing with your cat is an important daily moment to keep your cat in shape, especially if it is an indoor cat with limited physical activity. It is also a unique moment of complicity between the feline and its owner, allowing them to strengthen their relationship. Among the multitudes of existing cat games, which ones should be favoured so that your cat can have fun alone and/or with you?

Classic cat games

Among the unavoidable, we can find the fishing rod. This cat toy has a long rod with a plush toy, strips or feathers at the end. Provoke your cat’s fearsome hunting instinct by waving this toy next to him or just under his nose! A wild chase to be planned!

Another timeless toy: the ball. Made of plastic, luminous, bouncing, with or without a bell, the ball is the guarantee of a prolonged and sometimes a little invasive fun. This game for cats is even more practical as your cat can play it alone, the return of the ball being ensured by the obstacles in your home: a wall, a piece of furniture, etc…

Finally, the most famous cat toy remains the mouse. Made of plush, plastic or sisal, your cat will take pleasure in letting off steam through it! Don’t hesitate to choose a model containing cat mint or valerian to stimulate your cat’s senses and make him purr with pleasure at the scent of this irresistible scent!

Intelligence games for cats

Interactive games are designed to stimulate your cat to complete a simple challenge. Playful, they help awaken his abilities and encourage your pet to think and strategize.

Some games take the form of a maze or circuit with a small ball or mouse inside. The cat must show reflexes and agility in order to activate the game and keep it going.

Other fun games are available in the form of a bowl, game board or dispenser and offer varying levels of difficulty. Often, solving the “enigma” leads to the delivery of kibbles or other treats in small quantities. These games are therefore perfect for animals that tend to eat too quickly.

Our advice: If your cat stays alone at home, having the toys available is a real anti-depression remedy for him. Indeed, your feline will be able to take care of itself in your absence for long periods of time, thus forgetting stress or anxiety.

Attention it is advisable to leave at his disposal only toys that are not dangerous, that is to say that they can neither hurt your animal nor be ingested.