How to make him adopt his cat tree?

You have just acquired a superb cat tree, full of distractions and hiding places, with design colors that blend perfectly with your home… But the only problem: your cat is not interested in it at all! Zoomalia’s editorial staff will give you a few tips on how to get your cat to adopt a cat tree.

Choosing a choice location

It is essential to study the behavior of your cat tree to be able to find the ideal place to adopt your little companion.

Study your pet’s claw strokes (very often the couch unfortunately). These are an important visual territory marking for the animal. You will notice that generally and unfortunately, scratching is done on the sofa, or on an object in the living area and in the passage of the apartment. And yes, your tomcat wants to show that he and his home!

So, place the cat tree next to the whipping boy and you will see that the object will suddenly be more successful.

Attracting your cat to use it

Another solution to make him adopt his cat tree: to attract him mischievously! Get catnip or catnip, known for their magical powers, available on the market in various forms (powder, spray, candy…) to entice it.

All you have to do is sprinkle the various platforms with a pinch, several times a day, to get your pet’s full attention. This technique can also be used on baskets and bedding.

For long hours of play, encourage him to climb the tree! As you do so, he will deposit his scent, feel at home and finally adopt it!

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