World Cat Day: beware of preconceived ideas!

On August 8th, we celebrate the World Cat Day! The occasion for us to honor our dear felines and to cut short certain preconceived ideas, but nevertheless sometimes tenacious, concerning them.

1/ They are independent and solitary

They are often called solitary animals s, but, just like for us, each cat has its own character. Thus, some breeds or individuals are more independent and like to make their life by walking quietly in their neighborhood while others, more cushy, appreciate more the company of their family and are extremely attached to their owner. But, in general, cats love to be petted and to be cuddled!

2/ They don’t get along with dogs

This preconceived idea refers to a popular belief that these two animals, very different, cannot stand each other. However, in view of the many homes where these two species live together and where cohabitation is wonderful, this is just a saying!

3/ They always land on their feet

Thanks to their righting reflex, cats usually land on their feet when they fall. To do this, they use their inner ear, their eyes and their great agility. However, it all depends on the height of the fall. At a low height, they may not have time to reposition themselves and risk injury, and conversely, a high fall does not guarantee that the animal will not be hurt, even if it lands on its feet. Thus, it is important to know that falling from a balcony is the first cause of death for felines.

4/ They don’t like water

Generally speaking, cats are not instinctively attracted to bathing. This can probably be explained by their region of origin: the Middle East, known for its desert landscapes. But then again, this is just a generalization!

5/ They love milk

This is an old idea that you should be careful about. After weaning, cats stop producing lactase, an enzyme that allows them to digest lactose. Therefore, giving your cat cow’s milk can lead to serious digestive problems. If your cat likes milk, choose a special lactose-free product for cats!

6/ Their black coat brings bad luck

This belief dates back to the Middle Ages when the color black was associated with the devil and witchcraft. Thus, the cat with dark fur was considered an incarnation of these evil characters. Unfortunately, when we see the massive presence of black cats in French shelters, we can say that this old belief still persists in the minds.

7/ They are dangerous for pregnant women

Many people think that if a pregnant woman is not immune to toxoplasmosis, she must separate from her cat if she has one. However, only vigilance is required, not abandonment. If toxoplasmosis is transmitted via the cat’s excrements, it is necessary to make sure that the litter box is perfectly hygienic, that it is cleaned daily and, above all, that the pregnant woman is not at the origin of this perfect maintenance!

8/ They see perfectly in the dark

Even if the cat is known to be nocturnal, it can see very well in the dark, but not in the complete darkness, where it is then as blind as we are.