To arrange a cosy nest for my apartment cat

For cats, freedom is not necessarily synonymous with obligation. In particular, it is delicate to offer them unlimited access to the outdoors when you live in the city or near a dangerous road. In these cases, it is safer to keep your cat at home, in a warm place. If it is locked up, it must nevertheless be able to exercise and have fun in this closed environment.
Discover all our advice for a (even) happier cat in an apartment.

Make him/her gain height

“Perched cat, reassured cat”. Well known to all, the cat is a lively little creature and likes to take refuge in high places.

Within an apartment, the bravest owners can dare to open the closet/dressing doors to allow their tomcat to get in. A practical and inexpensive idea, but beware of unwanted hair!

The ideal is to offer him a cat tree, an all-in-one structure often composed of one or more hiding places, rigid elements so that your cat can make his claws (your couch will thank you) or even a tray where your pet can place himself to rest or watch.

This tree serving both as a resting and entertainment object must be strategically placed. Avoid placing it too close to a shelf or a piece of furniture where precious objects are placed. Your cat will then be able to use the height of its tree to climb it! The perfect place? Place the cat tree in front of a window. Your pet will be able to enjoy a pasha’s life between a nap in the sun and an exciting observation of the outside world.

Finally, if you have the soul of a do-it-yourselfer, you can draw inspiration from many tutorials found on the internet to create a structure using wooden crates fixed on a wall. On the highest crate, offer your cat a small cushion or carpet. Furniture made of wood and a lot of love, your cat will certainly reward you by taking refuge there with pleasure.

Respect his space

The cat is a territorial animal and likes to find its things in an environment organized by zones: resting area, playing area, cleanliness area, eating area. A time for everything!

The rest area must be dedicated to precious sleep and include a bed. So place a soft cushion, rug or plaid at your disposal. In general, cats like warmth, so why not near a radiator or a sunny window. Nirvana for long naps!

The play area is the perfect place for your cat to exercise and stimulate itself. Don’t hesitate to put your cat’s favorite toys on the floor. During your absences, it is a good way to fight boredom.

The cleanliness zone consists of the litter box and must be placed in a place known as a “transit area”. Whether it is a litter box or a house, it is up to you to choose according to its visibility and your preferences.

Finally, in the dining area is your cat’s food and water bowl. Make sure to always leave fresh and clean water available to your cat at all times. Beware, cats are delicate little creatures that will not tolerate having their litter box too close to their bowl.

You have a cat and live in an apartment with a balcony? Many items are available to arrange this outdoor access and offer your pet to breathe fresh air in complete safety.

You now have all the cards in hand to make your cat happy in an apartment and offer him a harmonious cohabitation between tenderness and complicity.