Dog pool: 4 good reasons to offer him one!

When the temperature rises, the whole family enjoys a good swim in the pool. But your female dog suffers from the heat just as much as you do, and also needs to enjoy a swim. There’s nothing like a dog pool to keep your dog from getting hot. Here are 4 good reasons to give him one!

1/ A pool to cool him down

Heat has serious consequences on your faithful companion’s body and affects his well-being. Indeed, the internal cooling system of the dog is less efficient than that of humans. Therefore, it cannot sweat. As a result, the animal has difficulty regulating its body temperature. To try to fight the heat, he will pant, but this is not always effective and, in case of low temperature, it can have serious consequences on his health. With a good bath, he’ll enjoy cooling off!

2/ A swimming pool to allow him to exercise

All breeds of female dogs need to exercise. Getting out of the way while cooling off is an ideal activity that will allow your dog to expend energy and fight against excess weight. He’ll enjoy splashing around in his pool and having fun with the water. And if he doesn’t like water and carefully avoids the joys of the pool, this is the time to teach him to dip his paws. Half an hour of physical effort in the pool is the equivalent of a good walk. That’s the advantage, even for the laziest dogs! They will appreciate the alternative of water and will rediscover the taste of playing in their pool.

3/ Your dog’s pool to build strong bonds with you

Playing in the dog’s pool can be a great option for enjoying the summer with your faithful companion. Your pet will obviously love to share great moments of play in the water with you. To do this, you should choose a medium or large pool for your pet to enjoy more activities. The inevitable ball game can be adapted to his pool.

4/ His pool to make him take good baths

The pool is the right way to get your pet used to taking regular baths. If your female dog doesn’t like water, the idea of the pool will give him a different approach. The goal is to make the experience as pleasant as possible for him every time. It’s much more pleasant to have your dog clean, free of dust and dirt, especially if your companion wanders around the house.

As for humans, contact with water is reassuring for dogs. A dog-only pool can only be beneficial to owners and dogs of all ages. It is up to you to offer a model adapted to the breed of your pet.