Lily of the valley of May 1st, beware danger!

Immaculate white, delicate perfume, small bells… we all love the lily of the valley, this pretty flower synonymous of happiness and symbol of May 1st. If you decided to flower your house with a few sprigs, take some precautions if you have a pet, because this harmless plant is actually very toxic for him.

Why is lily of the valley dangerous for animals?

Lily of the valley, a plant of the lily family, contains substances that are toxic and irritating to dogs, rodents, birds and especially to cats. Young or old animals are the most sensitive and therefore the most likely to present the most worrisome symptoms related to lily of the valley intoxication.

Be aware that every part of the flower is very dangerous if ingested: leaf, flower or stem. Also, beware of stagnant water in which the flowers are or have been. Under no circumstances should your pet drink this contaminated drink.

An intoxication with the lily of the valley generates first of all a hypersalivation and gastric disorders like vomiting and diarrhoea. In the most serious cases, the animal can be taken of nervous disorders like convulsions or tremors. Lastly, it acts on the level of the heart, of which it slows down the rhythm.

What to do if there are worrying signs?

If you’ve caught your pet eating lily of the valley or if you have any suspicions, keep a close eye on its behaviour and call your veterinarian. Be aware that symptoms can appear within 15 minutes to 6 hours after ingestion.

In the event of apparent symptoms and/or ingestion of a large amount, this is an absolute veterinary emergency.

Some prevention tips

Once your lily of the valley is past, throw the water in a sink and wash the vase in which the flowers have been staying.

The flower also remains toxic once faded, throw them therefore imperatively in a dustbin out of reach.

Namely, the lily of the valley is toxic for animals, but also for humans. Thus, keep an eye on your young children and place the flower in a place that is difficult to reach.