Safe outings for my pet rabbit!

The beautiful days are finally here and, with them, come the more frequent and longer outings. If you own a rodent or a pet rabbit as well as a garden, it’s the perfect time to make him happy by letting him enjoy your green field!

What are the benefits of these outings?

Proposing outings to your rabbit has only advantages, both in terms of its health and well-being.

Rabbits love to roam, resting in the young and fresh grass while enjoying the sounds and smells of nature that stimulate them. Also, walks are also a perfect way to get some exercise.

Exposure to natural sunlight is a source of pleasant warmth, but also allows the animal to better synthesize vitamin D and thus better absorb calcium and thus better enjoy its health benefits.

As you certainly know, rabbits love hay and grass. It is therefore the ideal occasion for him to revel in tender grasses or weeds, preserved of course from pesticides and fertilizers! They are an incredible source of calcium, protein and phosphorus and they are also good for the teeth, but it is important to keep an eye on them during this particular meal, especially if your rabbit is not used to eating these kinds of plants. Your rabbit’s digestive system is fragile, so he may have problems with it if parsimony is not his key word!

How can I manage my rabbit’s outings?

If you want your rabbit to be released and to be able to move freely in your yard, make sure that the yard is closed. A runaway happens very quickly.

If your garden is not closed and is, in your eyes, not secure enough, you can install an enclosure. Their more or less generous size allows your rabbit to move around and have fun in a limited and safe way. Be sure to place this pen in the shade and away from drafts and, ideally, place a small hut for your companion.

If your garden does not allow you to do this, you can equip your rabbit with a . Beware, not all rabbits are cooperative once confronted with this accessory! Remember to do a few tests beforehand to familiarize your pet with this exit method.

Also, during your outings, many dangers may be lurking around your rabbit and require its constant surveillance and increased vigilance.

Therefore, be careful of undesirable animals that could sneak into your home, if they have the opportunity, and frighten your pet.

If your rabbit is loose, be careful that it does not escape.

Likewise, watch the plants he ingests, as some are toxic to his body, such as buttercup, boxwood, ivy or honeysuckle.

During your walks, the sun is good for your pet, but sparingly. Thus, it must necessarily have access to a shady corner. Beware of heatstroke and make sure to offer him water in a constant and unlimited way.

Finally, springtime rhymes, unfortunately, with parasites for our pets! Remember to keep his vaccination up to date to prevent diseases and, if necessary, ensure treatment and protection with specialized products such as anti-parasite pipettes or sprays.