Which toys to choose for my hamster ?

As a nocturnal animal, it is difficult to observe this little rodent in daylight and interact with it, but it is essential to offer a hamster a fulfilling environment during its waking hours, however late they may be. Discreet during the day, in the evening, he only asks for one thing: to play, to have fun, to satisfy his curiosity. Equipping his cage with a variety of accessories and games will brighten up his hours of activity and keep him healthy.

How to allow a hyperactive animal to expend its energy?

A few minutes near a hamster’s cage in full activity is enough to understand how energetic this little ball of fur is. Placing a wheel in which he can run indefinitely is an excellent start, but it is possible, and even essential, to offer him other activities. Varying his games develops the hamster’s agility but also his well-being, his curiosity and his pleasure, quite simply. What you need above all are toys that encourage him to move: a small ladder, a bridge with bars, a swing, a rocking tunnel, suspensions…

The great classics, not to be forgotten!

Even if it remains classic, the wheel is essential. A hamster spends a lot of time running in these structures. Most of the time, it is hung on a wall of the cage but there are more original ones, standing on a base and being able, in fact, to be used outside the hamster’s enclosure.
Modern modular cages also offer a multitude of activities reminding the hamster of its natural habitat. These now classic and widespread accessories stimulate the rodent all the time: pipes forming a maze or observation posts.

Linking food to play time

In the wild, animals have to search for their own food. Every day, they search and dig before they can feed themselves. Sometimes all the conditions are right to stimulate their adaptability. Pets, even though they are used to much more comfort, have retained some of these instincts. That’s why some hamster toys are specifically designed to find treats through play, puzzles and a little effort: small accessories in which treats are hidden, structures to nibble on to get to a treat, greedy balls to gnaw on to get a particularly appetizing “heart”.

Toys to interact with a hamster

Owners of cats and dogs, rabbits or ferrets, know the importance of these moments of shared play between an animal and its master. Creating this playful and friendly atmosphere with a hamster is quite possible, thanks to a few accessories that never leave these lively and curious little rodents indifferent: a small wooden ball with a bell inside, a footbridge, a small wooden cylinder to roll around, a miniature carrot to be found after following a small marked out path.