Is my dog happy?

As a loving owner, we want the best for our dog to make him as happy as possible. This can be expressed in a thousand and one ways on a daily basis: giving him his favorite food, playing with him, cuddling him, allowing him to rest in a comfortable bed…
On his side, even if he can’t talk directly to you to tell you he’s happy, he’s still expressive and some signs of happiness don’t deceive! On the happiness barometer, here are the most obvious signs of well-being in dogs!

1/ He sleeps enough

On average, an adult dog spends about 15 hours a day resting in order to recharge his batteries and regain energy for his daily physical needs. Playing and going for walks are tiring! Note that the need for sleep is greater in puppies and older dogs and can reach up to 20 hours.

2/ He eats with appetite

Generally speaking, dogs are very greedy by nature. No sooner do they hear the sound of a plastic bag than they rush to your feet to find out if it’s food and, incidentally, if they can have a few crumbs! Also, at mealtime, his full bowl doesn’t have time to touch the ground before he pounces on it and devours it greedily!
In dogs, a good appetite is probably the first visible sign of happiness.

3/ He’s always up for a good workout

A healthy dog is always ready for a good play session or a walk! As soon as he gets his favorite toy or leash in your hands, he shows his joy by jumping around, circling you, or even going ahead of you to let you know that you’re not going fast enough for his taste!
However, this sign must be qualified because some dogs are more active or playful than others, depending on their breed, age or character.

4/ He wants your attention

Your dog loves you and proves it by constantly asking for petting, cuddling and following you around! Asking for shared moments, such as playtime, also proves that he feels good.

5/ He’s lively and curious

Finally, dogs are curious by nature: they love to investigate and discover their surroundings by sniffing and examining every nook and cranny or individual they don’t know!