5 reasons to adopt a Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is an animal with which one never gets bored. Despite its small size, generally between 25 and 30 centimeters, it has an overflowing energy and a playful temperament. It is thus the ideal companion for the sportsmen! This hunting dog from Great Britain is also very intelligent and has a strong character. So if you’re on the verge of falling in love with an adorable Jack Russell, here are 5 reasons why.

1/ He’s cute and affectionate

When you see his face, it’s hard to resist a Jack Russell. He is a short-legged dog, predominantly white with black or fawn spots. His coat can be rough or smooth depending on the case. On average, animals of this breed weigh between 5 and 6 kg. Its drooping ears and almond-shaped eyes give it a great charm. But be careful not to let them soften you up too much! It is indeed extremely important to educate him with requirement from the youngest age, at the risk of having to live with an unbearable animal.

2/ He is sociable, with humans and animals

The Jack Russell is generally a very sociable dog breed, especially with humans. Given its constant need to exercise, it is quite natural that it loves children. Children have energy to spare and will not hesitate to play with him for long periods of time, much to your dog’s delight. Of course, it remains an animal and it will be advisable to make your children aware of the respect of the dog. He can also get along with other animals. Despite its strong temperament, it has a good capacity of adaptation. After a few weeks of living together, he will be able to live in harmony with a cat or another breed of dog.

3/ He is full of energy

It’s well known that the Jack Russell is a dog full of energy. One thing is sure, you won’t be bored with such a pet! He loves to go for walks, in parks or in the forest, to run or play ball. This breed of dog has a vital need to spend time every day, otherwise it will become a real terror for your home. It is therefore an ideal companion for sportsmen or nature lovers as it is enduring. Lively and inexhaustible, your dog will be able to follow you everywhere you go and have as much fun as you do.

4/ He is very intelligent

The Jack Russell is a very intelligent dog. This terrier will therefore appreciate the various agility exercises, as long as he is receptive to training. By training him correctly from a young age, you will make him a docile partner to accompany you on all your outings.

5/ It is an excellent hunting dog

This breed of dog was originally created to hunt in England. The Jack Russell keeps this in its genes, which makes it a particularly efficient guard dog. It is very lively and likes to dig and bark. He is also excellent in tracking thanks to a developed nose. Moreover, it is a courageous breed, which will not hesitate to go to rub shoulders with stronger animals.
Enduring and full of energy, the Jack Russell is nevertheless a sociable and affectionate pet. Its playful side will undoubtedly delight young and old alike.