Cats and music!

For a long time reserved for the fine hearing of human beings, music still reveals beautiful surprises, touching now the sensitivity of our favorite pets. According to researchers… Music would thus have relaxing effects on cats?

Surprising observations in animal shelters in the United States!

We know that in human beings, music plays an important role: it is omnipresent! Various studies have also proven the positive effects on health: didgeridoo reduces snoring, listening to Mozart against hypertension, there is even music therapy to treat various ailments! So why not test the effects of music on animals? Thus, the RSCPA, the equivalent of our SPA, American version, wanted to try an experiment on the animals in its shelters. The result is indisputable: to the sound of classical music, the cats became calmer and so did the visitors.

Music and health in cats

Scientists now tend to demonstrate the real benefits of music on cats and animals. Eventually, music will be used to alleviate anxiety disorders in cats such as: anxiety of fears, stress of hospitalization, or separation anxiety. On top of that, music remains a source of well-being and appeasement!

An album of music for cats… Soon in the bins!

Other researches have pushed the melody further… Researchers from the University of Wisconsin (USA), have created a music entirely dedicated to the sensitive hearing of our little felines. Soft classical melody, with purring tones, with tones of kittens suckling, on the songs of chirping birds… All the elements that cats love are brought together in one piece, to create a delicious sonata!

The little budding composers didn’t choose just any sound! In fact, they noticed that the cats reacted positively to the sounds they were exposed to as kittens during their first week of life. Thus, mixing familiar sounds would produce surprising behaviors in the cat.

By playing this music, the experiment fulfilled all the expectations they had had for the kitten. Out of 47 cats, most of them got close to the speakers to rub themselves with tenderness and friendliness.

However, each living being has its own artistic sensibility and the music is very personal! So now that you know that… Why not observe his little four-legged companion to know his musical tastes?