What toys for my kitten?

It’s important to understand that kittens’ play sets the rhythm of their lives. Activity through play is essential for the animal’s physical and mental health. In addition to her well-being, it is an opportunity to form special bonds.

Games for my kitten: “classics”!

Mouse, tunnel, fishing rod… your young companion will be amazed at the slightest movement. What’s interesting is to get your pet used to having fun with adapted toys from a very young age, and as he grows up, he will continue to jump around like a little crazy.

Young cats especially love to sneak into endless tunnels that rhyme with unusual hiding places.

Edutainment kitten games!

These kitten games are endlessly fun! Always on the move, your pet, whatever its age, will never get bored, even as an adult.

The interest is to develop his ability, his agility and awaken his hunting instinct.

Various models with balls, claw, bell… Can attract his attention!

A cat tree: a beautiful playground for kittens, all in one!

The best choice still lies in the acquisition of a . It is important to respect the small size of the animal and choose a cat tree adapted to it. Favour kitten playgrounds with a scratching post and many toys.

From childhood, the animal should be accustomed to using a scratching post to save furniture. Toys will more easily encourage the cat to go to its tree, put its scent on it, sleep on its platform or fight with the scratching post.

This accessory for indoor kittens fulfills all the functions essential to the well-being and good development of your companion.

Once your kitten reaches adulthood, you will have to choose a larger cat tree!