What toys to give your kitten?

Kittens love to play with all kinds of objects from an early age. In fact, these animals need to sharpen their hunting instincts very early on. Toys are therefore a good substitute for birds and other small mice that are absent from their homes.

We thus note a preference for round and rolling objects in kittens. Kittens also love toys with a string at the end. Moreover, these animals love to tap on suspended and mobile objects.

Finally, sometimes the solitary kitten likes to simulate a confrontation against an imaginary opponent or his shadow. Everything is a pretext for this little companion to play. Moreover, lonely kittens are more exposed to obesity, depression, aggressiveness and finally some diseases. The physical activity generated by play helps to overcome these risks. The cat has 3 to 4 hours of activity per day.

Choosing the toy(s)

The choice of toys is therefore very wide.

One can for example quote the traditional foam balls, or the miniature cuddly toys. The latter will be more interesting for them if they are in the shape of a mouse. The tunnel can help the kitten to hide and ambush. It will also be able to let off steam by passing through it at high speed. Fishing rods allow the animal to use its hunting instincts by jumping, running after the mouse or the ball attached to the end. In addition, scratching posts give kittens the opportunity to make their claws somewhere else than on the leather sofa, for example. Finally, it is worth mentioning cat trees. In addition to entertaining the kitten in many ways (thanks to the incorporated toys and hiding places), these accessories can also allow the animal to rest thanks to cozy supports, but also to make its claws. Cat trees are therefore excellent sources of stimulation. In addition, a kitten in an apartment does not always have the opportunity to go outside. The kitten can then take advantage of a cat tree to practice its hunting skills. It can thus alleviate its boredom and relieve its tensions. It is therefore a way to keep a kitten in shape.

Danger of everyday objects

In addition, when your kitten exercises her talents on everyday objects, rather than toys, some are harmful and can represent a danger to her. For example, she may be tempted to play with plants. However, some are likely to poison her. He may also play with electrical wires. It is thus necessary to remain attentive to the activities of the kitten, to prevent it from putting itself in danger, and to direct it towards the toys mentioned above. Finally, beware of small objects such as strings, ribbons and wires that can eventually cause digestive problems. All this reinforces the interest of providing toys for your cat.

Kitten education

It is possible to educate the kitten thanks to the attention that can be given to him, but also through edutainment toys that can be very practical. Thus, “ball snacks” or playmats will awaken the small animal’s hunting instincts.