Cat box or basket?

The cat is a big sleeper by nature and spends the most time of its life sleeping. A pleasant sleep is always the result of an adequate bedding, hence the importance of the choice. The surface allocated to it must allow the animal to curl up in a ball and feel safe. The size of the bed should be appropriate for the size of the cat, so that it can feel comfortable, not too cramped, and fall asleep in peace. The owner must think of offering him a cozy bed to ensure a peaceful and comfortable life at any time.

The cat basket

A classic and timeless accessory until now, the basket guarantees a certain comfort to the cat who can roll up in a ball while sleeping. The models can be declined in different sizes (rectangle, square or round) to fit all sizes. The materials used by manufacturers also depend on their design. Some are made of fabric, others of plush for a cozier nest. Otherwise, plastic can be adopted as well and is especially suitable for people who do not have time for tedious maintenance. This last model comes with a removable cushion. The basket with cushion has the advantage of being more hygienic and easy to clean.

The cat house

The ideal shelter to allow your feline to have its own dedicated space, the kennel is particularly suitable for cats who like peace and quiet. So, before deciding, you should carefully observe your pet’s behavior. If he likes to hide at the back of the wardrobe, sitting on the clothes, a kennel equipped with a comfortable bed to rest would be the most suitable. He will be warm, and especially quiet, thanks to the soft cushion that comes with the kit and allows him to bask without being disturbed.

The cat house comes in several shapes and can be called a dome or igloo. It looks like a small house with a high roof, equipped with a small entrance, which will allow the cat to slip and hide in its cocoon. The bottom of the igloo is lined with soft cushions (plush or foam) to maximize the cat’s comfort. Otherwise, other designs offer a wide range of choices, such as the bag, the slipper or the teepee.

If the kennel is installed outside, it can be made to look like a tent or a beautifully decorated hut. If the space is larger or smaller, owners can be more creative and add playful elements such as a deck, a ladder, an outdoor shelter and poles (sisal or other). On the other hand, the kennels can be made of different materials, such as wicker for a more ecological model.

It should be noted that the living space of a cat is divided into 4 areas, including the part where his water and food bowl, an accessible litter box, his play area, and especially his bed, where the basket or the niche will be installed.
In any case, either a basket or a kennel, the most important thing is the comfort of the animal. Also, the size of the bed must be appropriate to the size of the feline for a perfect ease. This animal is constantly moving and regularly changes position during its nap, just like a human being. The place where to put the basket or the kennel must be the place where the cat likes to go the most, sheltered from the draught, secure and warm. If all these conditions are fulfilled, the cat can fully enjoy its nap time.