No more animal testing!

The Court of Justice of the European Union has declared that it refuses and prohibits the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals. Rats, rabbits, mice… Will be able to sleep on their two ears!

Animal welfare: a stake for all!

For years, associations and NGOs have been fighting for the well-being and respect of animals throughout the world and have been exerting pressure through strong media actions.

Governments are also increasingly committed to respecting animal rights. In France and Europe, for example, cosmetic tests on animals have been banned for several years now, but many people are ignoring this law. By importing relatively cheaper products tested on animals in other countries, some were skillfully circumventing the regulations. Today, however, the European Union has been officially monitoring and enforcing a ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals at home and abroad since September 21.

With this new decree, the Union wishes to promote and encourage alternative methods (in vitro…) to ensure the safety of cosmetic products and to become an example community for the rest of the world, just like India, Norway or Israel: pioneers in the field.

A sales argument that works?

The “not tested on animals” argument is one of the best selling arguments in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Some major brands play the game, such as christian dior, body shop or jeffree star cosmetics.

Thanks to this new regulation, the cosmetics and beauty industry, participates with us, in the well-being of animals!