Summer vacations: have you thought about pet-sitting?

The summer vacations are coming soon and you have decided to take full advantage of them by offering yourself a few days of rest far from your daily life.
Unfortunately, for various reasons, your faithful companion cannot join you and you are looking for a solution in order to keep him during your absence. In parallel to the traditional means of care such as kennels, boarding or entrusting him to a relative, there is also a trustworthy solution that is becoming more and more widespread: petsitting. Discover our zoom on this new method of care!

What is the pet sitting?

Straight from the United States, petsitting consists in keeping your pet during your absence. This term reminds you of the common word “babysitting”, “baby” evoking the “baby” or by extension “child” while “pet” translates as “pet”.
Dogs, cats, or exotic pets occupy a place of choice within families today, the existence of this word and the immersion of this mode of care is then logical!

The petsitting is generally translated in three ways:

  • Home care: the petsitter goes directly to your home in order to pamper your little protégé. This is a privileged way of keeping your pet which is perfectly suitable for anxious animals: they stay at home and do not lose their bearings or their little habits.
  • Pet-sitting: your pet is entrusted to its guardian, at home, for the time of your absence. A perfect system for the most sociable animals who will be able to meet playmates if the pet-sitter has them.
  • Walks and visits: the pet sitter goes to your home to visit your pet several times a day to feed it and spend time with it. It is also a question of getting some fresh air through walks for dogs.

Where to find pet sitters?

Previously reserved for large cities, petsitting has become more democratic. Indeed, it is now possible to easily find petsitters close to your home thanks to different web platforms that connect families with animals and animal lovers available to take care of them.

Among the most important, we can mention the platform Animaute.
By indicating your dates of absence as well as your city, it puts you directly in contact with petsitters of confidence, impassioned of animals, available and residing near your home. These people are selected on file by the website and can call upon a support service in case of problem. You can be reassured, your pet is in good hands!

In summary, this solution has many advantages, especially since it is not more expensive than another type of care. Depending on the duration of your absence and the character of your pet, you have several choices: care at your home or at the petsitter’s or simply visits at your home for a short absence or for a cat. Finally, it is very easy to find qualified people close to your home thanks to specialized websites.