Housebreaking your puppy: the golden rules

Does your family have a young dog that is not yet housebroken? Then it’s time to act! Housetraining is a first-rate learning process that requires your total involvement and is beneficial for the preservation of your home, for your dog’s well-being, but also for the success of the future learning you wish to instill in your dog, since it constitutes a basis in his education.
Potty training must be done as soon as possible in order to maximize the chances of success and to anchor it in your dog’s natural habits.

Be routine!

When going on outings, it’s important to keep a regular schedule so that your puppy understands and assimilates his new schedule. Routine definitely encourages learning. So, it’s important to take him out as soon as he wakes up, after his meal, after a play session and before you go to bed.

Pay attention

As soon as your puppy arrives at your home, or as soon as he’s a puppy, it’s important to anticipate his need to relieve himself in order to avoid accidents. Certain signs are evocative and invite you to take him out: he looks insistently around, squeaks, turns in circles and starts sniffing in certain little corners.

Praise or ignore him

In order to invite him to relieve himself once he’s outside, it’s best to give him a simple command that will always be the same. If your faithful companion listens to you and does his business, don’t forget to praise him! If not, ignore him, but don’t scold him. Also, if you discover a puddle in your home, meaning that your puppy has forgotten himself, don’t scold him unless you catch him in the act. If you do, he may not understand what you’re scolding him for.

Provide a bathroom area

Since your puppy has very little bladder control before he’s 6 months old, it’s important to provide a well-defined toilet area in your home if he feels the need to use it, during your absence for example.
You can then use specialized products, such as an educator or training mat, corresponding to single-use absorbent pads.

Be patient

All learning requires involvement and patience. Your faithful companion needs your encouragement to succeed, so stay calm and persevere!