4 solutions to keep your cat during the vacations

Vacations are approaching fast and you can’t, unfortunately, take your cat with you? It is then time to think about a way of guarding so that everything goes well during your absence and that it does not miss anything. Because we want above all the happiness of your pet, we help you in your reflection by proposing 4 solutions!

1/ Your cat goes to a friend’s house

Friend or family member, you can choose to leave your cat on vacation with someone you trust. The best thing? When your faithful companion already knows this person and likes him.
On the other hand, this does not guarantee that your cat will not feel disoriented if it does not know the environment in which it will live temporarily, but it will have a comforting and reassuring presence at its side to help it feel at home.

Pros: reassuring, possibility of having frequent news.
Cons: the person must know about cats and respect their character.

2/ Your cat goes to a boarding kennel

Even if this type of care is mostly known for a dog, it is quite possible to place a cat in a boarding house for the vacations. Thus, some structures are exclusively dedicated to felines and have a perfectly qualified staff. Modern, traditional or luxury hotel-style, there is something for every taste and price!

Pros: an adapted structure, competent and present staff.
Cons : expensive, make sure you choose the right boarding house.

3/ Your cat is kept by a pet-sitter

Previously reserved for urban areas, many pet-sitting platforms have been created and now offer their services beyond the major cities.
To do so, you just have to register on an online platform, specify your location as well as the period of time you want to be looked after and make your choice among the available nannies. You then have two solutions: place your cat at the person’s home or leave your cat at home, where the pet-sitter will come and visit it regularly.

Pros: a simple solution against loneliness.
Cons : variable cost, unknown person to be selected.

4/ Your cat stays at your home

This is the most popular solution: leave your cat alone at home. The advantage is that he knows his environment perfectly and will not be disturbed.
Depending on the number of days your cat will be away, it is advisable to leave him a sufficient ration of kibbles, a large bowl of fresh water, his favorite toys at his disposal as well as a perfectly clean litter box. Also remember to secure your home by closing doors, cupboards and closets and by putting away certain potentially dangerous or valuable objects…
Finally, you can also ask a relative to visit your pet every day or two to make sure that everything is fine.

Pros: no cost, your cat is in a place it knows and loves.
Cons : temporary care for a few days, some cats can get depressed.