How to refresh your dog in summer

At last summer, sun and vacations… but how will your dog stand this heat? Yes, unlike humans, dogs hardly perspire and are therefore unable to regulate their internal temperature.

We taken an interest in the subject to offer you a small list of essential products to cool your dog in the summer.

1/ Cooling clothes or collars

It’s simple, just soak the jacket, collar, bandana or other, for the water to crystallize and activate the gel freshness.

The animal wears it constantly whether on the road, on the beach, in the park, or at home… it is an effective and constant freshness solution.

2/ The cooling mat or mattress

In direct contact with the animal’s body, the cooling mat (or mattress) regulates the dog’s temperature.

Not very bulky, it folds easily, to be used everywhere, at any time.

Whether for transportation or at home, simply place it in the crate, the dog basket or on the floor to create a cold zone for the animal.

3/ The swimming pool or paddling pool

As for the swimming pool (or paddling pool), it can make the difference in case of heavy heat.

Suitable for country and especially city dwellers, it can be placed on the terrace or balcony of your building.

Just a few centimeters of water is enough to refresh your dog, who will have a great time or splash around in his pool, specially designed for his cool pleasure!

Warning: for the cleanliness of your home, it is strongly advised to dry your pet before any unwanted entry attempts!

4/ Frosted toys

Bones, balls and so many other totally frosty distractions can be a fun way to quench your dog’s thirst.

Simply fill them with water and put them in the freezer before going for a walk.

This will extend the playtime, much to the delight of your doggie!

5/ The garden water fountain

To prevent dehydration and bring a spray of freshness to your four-legged friend, the garden water cooler is cleverly designed.

Installed on the standard garden hose, your pet can drink as it pleases, pressing down with its paw to let the water gush out.

This way the water stays clear and fresh.

With these cool accessories, your doggie will be ready to face the summer warmly!