Can you give ice cream to your dog?

When we want to refresh ourselves in a greedy way in summer, ice cream is one of the main foods. If we enjoy the many flavors that exist, is it possible to give it to his faithful companion? Especially since many pictures and videos are circulating on the internet showing dog and owner sharing a moment of complicity by enjoying the same ice cream, side by side. What is it really like for him?

Is ice cream good for my dog?

From a nutritional point of view, ice cream has no interest for the dog. Ice cream is very rich in sugar and fat, while sorbets are made of water, fruit and a lot of sugar.

As for sharing ice cream, it is absolutely excluded for hygienic reasons, because a multitude of microbes are found in the mouth of your pet.

However, even if ice cream is not a good food for him, you can let him enjoy a few swigs without risk, for example, by offering him to lick the end of your pot. However, be careful not to give him products containing harmful ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, chili pepper…

Finally, as with all treats, this should remain purely occasional.

Which ice cream for my dog?

If you don’t want to make a mistake, it’s best to master the ingredients that make up the ice cream by preparing it yourself!

If your dog is particularly fond of fruit, mix a plain unsweetened yogurt with his favorite fruit (pear, banana, apple…), then put the mixture in a mold to set in the freezer.

For a homemade sorbet, prepare a chicken broth with a low salt and fat cube.