Dog collar or harness?

The dog and his collar. A long love story between this accessory and its four-legged companion. However, we hear more and more professionals questioning its use and wondering about its negative effects. According to these same experts, the harness would be the best solution for long walks on a leash, and the tool to use for the well-being of our beloved dogs. In fact, the reality is slightly more complex.

If the dog pulls, he needs to breathe

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Do you have a rambunctious dog that regularly tries to get you to pick up the pace, or do you have a quiet walking companion that wisely walks beside you?

If you are in the first category, that is to say that your dog pulls a lot on his leash, the purchase of a harness is a good idea. With a harness, the pressure of pulling will be reflected in the dog’s belly and will be much less painful than with a collar that is placed directly against the dog’s throat, which could temporarily cut off the dog’s breathing or even injure it. The harness, although heavier and bulkier than an ordinary collar, will be a real relief for your pet who may not express his pain but suffer in silence. On the other hand, if your dog is just going through the motions and you are forced to pull to get him to move in the right direction, the harness will not hurt him and he will quickly understand where you want to take him.

Be aware, however, that this system also has its own drawbacks. First of all, it is quite cumbersome and if it is not the right size or simply badly positioned, it can become uncomfortable for its user and hinder his good walk. Second negative point, always in the case of a badly installed material, it can rub on the skin of your beloved pet and cause him certain lesions.

The collar is not out of fashion

It is possible for some breeds and types of dogs to use a traditional collar, but it is up to you to analyze your dog’s behavior to decide whether or not it is appropriate to use one. Many of them will feel perfectly at ease with this little jewel around their neck and will understand by themselves how to act in order not to be disturbed. If they are not too excited, they will probably hardly feel it. Moreover, the collar is very useful to hang a medallion with the dog’s identification information and your contact information, in case Mr. or Mrs. gets lost in the wild.