Walking in the forest with my dog: the 4 dangers of fall

If you regularly go for a walk in the forest with your dog, autumn is a special season that involves some dangers. Dogs are curious and although this outing should remain a pleasure, you must take certain precautions to ensure that everything goes well for your dog. Learn to recognize the dangers, and especially to avoid them.

1/ Hunting

During hunting season, you must be particularly vigilant. It can be dangerous for your dog, but also for you.

  • Before leaving, check the website of the national office of hunting and wildlife, the opening dates of hunting in your department.
  • Take fluorescent chasubles for both of you, as well as bells. You will be seen and heard.
  • When you get there, stay on the trails and watch for signs that indicate a hunt is in progress.
  • Listen for sounds and detect if there is movement.
  • If you encounter hunters, announce your presence and ask about areas at risk. Also let them know your route and how long you will be staying.

2/ Mushrooms

Even though dogs are known to have a very good nose, they are not able to recognize edible mushrooms from inedible ones.

  • Before you embark on the forest experience, and if you wish to release your dog, it is imperative that he obey the refusal of the bait. This is a training technique to make him understand what you are willing to let him eat or not.
  • If he tends to disobey, he will unfortunately have to finish his walk on a leash. Even if it hurts his heart, it is for his own good, because mushrooms can cause serious intestinal problems.
  • 24 to 48 hours later, monitor your dog and check if he is eating and relieving himself normally.

3/ Parasites

The forest is a place where harmful parasites live for your pet. The tick that carries disease, the flea that causes infections or allergies with its saliva and transmits worms. You must protect your dog from these little beasts with antiparasitics.
When you return home, take a close look at your pet’s coat and insist on looking in places where he has no access, ticks like to hide there. Also, remember to bring a tick tweezer with you, it will be useful just in case.

4/ Chestnuts and marrons

Other must-haves of the forest in autumn: chestnuts and marrons. Both are dangerous for your pet. Chestnuts are poisonous and can have neurological repercussions. Chestnuts, on the other hand, are harmless if your faithful companion eats them, as long as he chews them first. Otherwise, an intestinal obstruction may occur.