Practical guide to go on a trip with your dog

This year it’s decided, you’re going on a trip with your dog! Beforehand, it is essential to think about the preparations (accommodation, suitcase of the doggie, transport…). We put together a practical guide to help you travel light with your dog!

Where should I go with my dog?

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare the trip! If you decide to go abroad, some countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden…) will be more reluctant than others to welcome canids for health reasons.

Nevertheless, the challenge is not insurmountable. Contact the embassy of the country of destination to know the regulations in force and the entry formalities. Now informed, prepare the “travel kit”, with all the essential documents for your dog (health record, contact details of the veterinarian, identification card, passport …), to show your dog at customs. Whatever the destination, check that the vaccinations are up to date.

What to put in the doggie’s suitcase?

The most important… THE KIBBLES! In case you don’t have your favorite kibbles on the road and in order not to disturb your eating habits, you should put them in the suitcase, together with the indispensable accessories (bowl and water).

For the dog’s hygiene, think about disposable wipes and shampoo to keep a healthy skin in all circumstances.

And of course toys to make the trip a pleasure!

What transport should I choose to travel safely with my dog?

Everything is ready and it’s almost time to leave… but you still need to find out about transport!

Different options are possible:

  • by car: take a break every 2 hours and give fresh water to your travelling companion. For small dogs, avoid air conditioning. Simply put a damp towel on the crate. It is also advisable to always install the animal in the back of the car (protective grid, transport crate) and protect the fabric with a protective cover.
  • by train: remember to book the ticket for the dog. Favour a basket or transport crate for small dogs, as well as a leash and muzzle for large breeds.
  • by plane: check that your crate is IATA-regulated and take the animal’s administrative documents with you.
  • by boat: find out about the company and the terms and conditions for welcoming animals. In most cases, your dog will travel with his friends in a kennel.

To avoid motion sickness, use a specific anti-stress treatment.

With all these tips, you are ready to go… Have a nice trip!