How to deodorize a cat litter box?

Your cat’s litter box can quickly become very noticeable, invading the whole room with its nauseating perfume and becoming your everyday life. Especially in an apartment, for indoor cats, it is essential to find simple tips to bring comfort and freshness to your pet and avoid litter box odors. So choose the right litter box and effective deodorizers.

An absorbent litter box

The basis for stopping litter odors is still to choose a special, absorbent and anti-odor litter from the very beginning.

Caking agent, vegetable, silica… There is a multitude of them, with various properties, that is why it is essential to choose the right cat litter to avoid bad smells like those in Silica.

Attention, the choice of a litter is a crucial question and will also depend on your pet’s requirements, age, delicacy and character… Then it is necessary to think of observing its habits to satisfy its hygiene.

Deodorizing products

The most refreshing and immediately effective are the anti-odor bedding products that can be found everywhere, in supermarkets, garden centers or on e-commerce sites. Visit our website to discover our range of “cat litter deodorizers and spares” products.

Honeysuckle, lavender, Aloe vera… And so many other perfumes stop litter box odors that will intoxicate your home with a sweet scent.

Generally sold in powder form, these products are to be disposed directly on the litter box.

Thus, in addition to increasing the life of the litter box, your cat will keep a fresh hygiene!

The carbon filter

Another economical and efficient trick: the carbon filter! Specially designed for litter boxes and cat toilet houses, the carbon filter is an effective and economical anti-odor litter box solution.

The properties of activated carbon (with its many porous cells), trap litter box odors that want to get out, destroy them and leave a clean and fresh area in their place.

It is important to renew the filter several times a year to keep a good efficiency.

With these little tricks, litter box odor problems will be a thing of the past!