Easy maintenance for a clean litter box

Your cat refuses to put a paw in its litter box and prefers a clean, cool place in the house, much to your despair. No wonder… This one gives off a scent that will scare away even the most fearsome skunk!

Luckily, the editorial staff gives you sound advice for easy maintenance of the cat’s box and to stop litter box smells.

The essential accessories for maintenance!

To clean efficiently and without spending the whole morning, here are a few “grandma’s” tips! Optimal maintenance is to change the litter box twice a week.

Clean and disinfect the tray with white vinegar or a little bleach (cats are crazy about this smell).

For economy and ease of maintenance, choose the litter bag, to be placed at the bottom of the litter box. This accessory may seem trivial, but it is very practical for maintenance and final cleaning.

Regularly, remove the troubles made from the box with an adapted shovel “poop remover” that will extend the life of your litter. It is an economic and hygienic gain for an easy maintenance!

No more need to clean the cat’s box?

Technology does it right and now you can find “self-cleaning” litter boxes for easy maintenance! Go to our website to find your happiness of “litter box and toilet house for cats” With filtration systems and excrement compartments, maintenance becomes a pleasure!

Vetocourtial gives us the latest news, through a surprising article “Automatic cat litter boxes a revolution”.

Still not very democratized, this kind of house of toilet remains expensive, but very practical.

An “easy maintenance” litter box, does it really exist?

Well, no false illusions, even if you have now chosen the “super self-cleaning litter box”, it doesn’t mean that it will manage everything by itself! Indeed, on top of that, you have to be careful to choose an adapted and very absorbent litter for a less regular maintenance and a longer life span.

There is a multitude of them:

  • Clumping (more common, very absorbent, daily maintenance of soiled areas)
  • Silica (more expensive, good absorption and odorless, easy maintenance)
  • Mineral (economical, difficult to maintain, must be changed once contaminated)
  • Vegetable (alternative solution, good absorption capacity and odour regulator, easy maintenance)

For easy maintenance, it is therefore preferable to choose a plant or silica litter.

Of course, this advice should be taken with care, because it all depends on the time you devote daily to maintenance, your cat’s preferences and your budget.

For more information, go directly to our website under the heading “cat litter” for more information.

That’s it, your kitty won’t have any more urges out of its box!