How do I set up my balcony for my apartment cat?

Accustomed to the cozy comfort of your apartment, you have decided to let your indoor cat enjoy the great outdoors by allowing him access to your balcony. It is then important to arrange it in order to offer your feline all the necessary comfort, but also to secure it perfectly to avoid dangers.

1/ Safety with a cat net

When you let a cat go on a balcony, the number one risk is running away or even falling. Unfortunately, your pet can easily be distracted once it climbs onto the railing and a fall can quickly happen. This can have dramatic consequences, especially if you live on a high floor. Therefore, it is important to secure the void by installing a cat net. It is a robust and discreet product with fine mesh that fits all openings, as it is available in multiple dimensions.

2/ Tasty with catnip

Catnip is a soft herb that cats eat to purge and promote good digestion. It is important to know that indoor cats can have transit problems: they are less active than outdoor cats and are also more prone to hairball problems because they spend more time grooming themselves. Very easy to cultivate, you can make him happy by dedicating him a planter of !
Concerning the plants that he should not eat, think of raising them to prevent any intoxication!

3/ Comfort with an outdoor cat house

To allow your cat to lounge around on your balcony while keeping a maximum of comfort, think of the outdoor cat house. It looks like a small wooden house and is specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions. You can also equip it with a door to isolate it from the cold and add a soft bed.
Also, when your cat wants to be outside its shelter, you can offer it a large square planter in which you can maintain a nice patch of fresh grass.

If your cat is not used to the outdoors at all, it’s best to proceed gradually by fitting him with a harness and leash at the very beginning and accompanying him on every outing. Depending on his reaction, give him more and more freedom until you can let him be completely free in your outdoor space.