Why does my cat eat grass?

Every lucky cat owner has noticed that their little four-legged friend loves to eat grass. We usually think, and rightly so, that it helps him to purge. That’s one reason, but it’s not the only one. We are going to explain why cats like to eat grass so much, and especially why it is necessary for their well-being. We will also give you some tips that may be very useful in your daily life with your cat.

What is catnip?

There are two kinds of catnip. The first, which is traditionally called catnip, is the one found in small pots, usually sold in garden centers or pet stores. This is the catnip that will allow your cat to purge. The second is catnip, also known as catnip or catmint. It is an aromatic plant. Unlike catnip, our feline friends do not eat it. They just smell it. It contains nepetalactone, an organic component that acts directly on the cat’s nervous system, causing a euphoric effect.

A top digestive system!

Cats spend a great deal of time grooming themselves. This is when they ingest hair and hairballs can form in the digestive tract. By eating grass regularly, your cat will be able to purge. You will most likely see your cat regurgitate hairballs. Don’t worry, it’s just a sign that your cat is getting rid of the hair he’s swallowed.
It can also happen that the food you give your cat, especially kibble, creates a clump and clogs his digestive system. In this case, eating grass will also solve the problem.

Grass, a vitality asset

The cat is a carnivorous animal. Eating grass will provide his body with vitamins that are not present in his basic diet. You can give him oat, wheat, barley or rye shoots. These plants contain specific vitamins and fiber. You can check the amount of fiber in his meals by looking at the packaging of his food, and if necessary, compensate for a possible lack by providing him with catnip.

Be vigilant

Be careful not to leave your cat in the presence of plants that could be toxic for him, even deadly. This is the case with certain plants that are nevertheless very common. For example, a seemingly harmless plant such as yucca could cause paralysis in your cat, or worse, put him in a coma. You should also make sure that your cat does not vomit too often after eating grass.

Your cat eats grass and it’s perfectly natural. It’s not only a way for your cat to purge, but also to aid in digestion. If your cat has access to the outdoors, it will usually be fairly easy to find grass. However, if you live in an apartment, it’s important to make catnip available.
It is an essential element for your little pet. Its various virtues will allow him to maintain good health throughout his life.