My cat doesn’t use his scratching post!

To keep your cat busy, or simply to please him, you have certainly offered him a scratching post. Unfortunately, your fur ball is completely indifferent to it and prefers to scratch on the soft leather of your armchairs or on your curtains. To better understand your little feline and encourage him to use his cat scratching post, you need to know why he does this.

The importance for a cat to scratch

Your cat doesn’t scratch your furniture just to annoy you, there are very specific reasons for this behavior. Indeed, your little kitty needs to sharpen his claws on a daily basis. You have to understand that it is one of his only means of defense when he feels in danger.

Moreover, it is also a way for him to mark his territory. To do this, he must leave signs that are visible to everyone. He wants you to understand that you are in his home. For his fellow cats and other animals, you should know that cats have pheromones between their paw pads. When he scratches objects or places, he is warning others that it is his property and that they should not linger there.

Then there is also the fact that they love it. We notice that some cats, when they are being petted, that the claws come out when they stretch and enjoy these moments of tenderness. This is not an aggressive act, on the contrary, it marks its human companion as its property, showing that it has adopted him.

Why doesn’t a cat use his scratching post?

However, even if you understand the reasons your cat scratches your furniture, you can’t figure out why she’s abandoning the scratching post you gave her. As with most feline behavioral concerns, there may be a variety of reasons for your cat to attack your doors, upholstery or sofas.

It is possible that the scratching post is placed in a location that is not visible enough to your feline. As pointed out above, he loves to show that he is on his territory.
Scratchers also need to meet certain criteria. For example, they need to be sturdy to support his weight when he stretches out his entire body.

It’s best to choose a quality scratching post. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some are built into cat trees to entice your pet to use them.

Another reason your fur ball doesn’t use its scratching post is that it doesn’t understand its purpose, or at least doesn’t think it’s an object for its well-being.

How to encourage your cat to use his scratching post?

There are several ways to make your cat understand that the scratching post has been placed in the house for her. First of all, when your cat scratches itself on your sofas or on your belongings, it is strongly advised to ignore it completely. It’s normal to be a little upset about the damage done, but know that the more attention you show him, the more he will continue his little work of art on your furniture. In fact, what he wants is for you to notice the scratches, and if you act as if nothing happened, he’ll turn to another place.

To entice him to go to his cat scratching post, use treats. They’re tasty, and your little furball is sure to lick its lips when it smells the delicious scents.

Another solution is to place scratching posts around the house, so he can mark his territory and make sure it’s in plain sight.

However, don’t forget to praise him when he uses this comfort object. This way, your little feline will associate his behavior with a reward and will willingly go back for more.

Choosing the right scratching post for your cat

There is a wide selection of scratching posts for your cat. You’ll notice that some have multiple features. For example, they have spaces for your furball to hide, curl up and sleep.

There are many shapes, such as towers and mats. High scratching posts, such as towers or trunks, can attract them more easily, as felines love observation posts to watch what’s going on around them.

It’s important to note that some models contain catnip. This will attract your little feline every time. With this type of scratching post, you can be sure that your pet will leave your curtains or sofas alone. They can be ideal if you notice that your four-legged friend is reluctant to use his scratching post.

A cat is a territorial animal and you can’t stop him from scratching. Not using the scratching post can be due to a variety of causes. However, if you notice any abnormal behavior regarding scratching, it is recommended that you contact your veterinarian. He or she can offer valuable advice and additional tips on how to get your cat to use the scratching post.