How do I keep my dog busy during a lockdown?

Confinement is difficult for everyone. For animals, and dogs in particular, who are used to exercise and space, it is even worse. So you have to be extra careful to keep them busy.

Train your dog and review the basics

You’ve probably taught your dog to sit, to give paw, to stop barking on command… But with time, a slackening is possible. It can be interesting to review the basics of his education during confinement. Indeed, you have all the time necessary for that and you can even, why not, teach him new tricks.

Playing with him: as good for his morale as yours

A dog is a social animal that is very sensitive to your own feelings. If you are perhaps anxious about the current situation or if you can’t stand being locked up, decompress a little by playing with him: obstacle course, hide-and-seek, play fight… In any case, the important thing is to develop your complicity with your dog and to offer him games that are as fun for you as for him. Moreover, you can also use toys to vary the activities.

Petting and cuddling: excellent for your pet’s morale

Your dog doesn’t understand why you’re with him all day, as you usually are. Happy to have you by his side, he will tend to seek your company, your caresses, your tenderness. He needs love, so don’t hesitate to give it to him. Cuddling is very useful, because it reduces his stress and yours too.

Make the most of your time out

You have one hour a day when you can walk your dog, go for a walk and do some sports. You should make the most of this time by allowing your pet to relieve itself, run, sniff, bark and exercise. Indeed, these activities are very important for his mental balance and well-being.

In conclusion, with all these suggestions, you should have something to keep your dog busy until the end of the confinement. During this time, be happy to have a loyal and loving friend by your side, as some people are not so lucky.