Carpet or cushion: what to choose for my dog?

The quality of your dog’s sleep is fundamental to his well-being and health. The question of bedding is all the more sensitive as it must ensure your pet’s total comfort. For your dog’s bedding, you can opt for a mat or a cushion. Which option to choose? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

What type of bedding should I choose?

Given that a dog sleeps approximately 13 hours a day, you must take special care in selecting a bed that will guarantee him a quality sleep. If your dog does not sleep well, he may eventually suffer from behavioural problems. Three criteria should guide your choice: a mat or cushion size adapted to your dog, a comfort your pet likes and the fact that the bed is easily washable.

For example, a bamboo mat will be very easy to clean as well as a removable cushion. As far as dog mats are concerned, it is in your best interest to choose those with piped edges and even quilted and treated against dog odor. Some carpets are even equipped, in addition to a significant absorbency, with long fibers that give them a good thickness and an appreciable comfort for your dog. For the cushions, here again, it is preferable to use a material that is resistant to bites and scratches.

As such, one of the advantages of the cushion or mat is that they can both be installed inside a basket for more comfort while allowing the dog, especially if it is a puppy, to teethe on the plastic of the basket. For large dogs that have to live indoors, both the mat and the cushion are particularly suitable soft beds. For one as for the other, it is advised to avoid those made up of materials presenting risks of ingestion such as wicker or foam.

How to make your choice?

The choice between carpet and cushion is more a matter of taste than a possible obvious superiority of one over the other. It all depends on your pet, its size and age. If your dog is old, a thick, padded bed will help to alleviate possible bone problems. Carpets and cushions are also preferable when it’s hot or if you realize that your pet doesn’t like high edge basket type beds.

Before deciding between the mat and the cushion, pay attention to your dog’s behaviour. The best bed will be the one that corresponds to your dog’s needs. For example, some animals have a clear tendency to spread out completely, while others prefer to curl up into a ball. In any case, he will tell you if the bed chosen is suitable for him. If it is not the case, he will naturally go and find another place that corresponds better to his criteria.

In the end, carpet and cushion are two options that are as good as each other. The key is to know what your dog wants from his bed. Whichever option you choose, it is essential that you regularly clean the mat or cushion and treat it effectively against parasites. It is under these conditions that your faithful companion will feel fully developed and comfortable.