Dog basket: how to choose it?

The basket is an essential accessory for all dogs, whatever their breed and size. It is an intimate place that allows them to sleep, rest and regain strength and energy. This basket is a privileged, personal and comfortable space that allows animals to grow. The choice of the basket must be made according to several criteria depending on its size, the place of its installation, and the material with which it was designed. In all cases, the choice must be adapted to the animal for its well-being. A good bed must be easy to wash (preferably in the machine), large enough so that the animal is not cramped, appreciated by the dog and comfortable. The choice is wide and the owner may find it difficult to make a decision, which is why we offer the following advice.

The right model

The basket can take different sizes, quilted, square, oval, round or other. The models with high edges are to be preferred since the animal will have the feeling of being at home, in its closed space, safe, reassured and protected to curl up and rest.

Choice according to the age and size of the animal

Ideally, the bed should be wide enough for the animal to feel comfortable in it. Indeed, a bed that is too small makes the animal cramped and pushes it to sleep elsewhere. A bed that is too large does not make him feel comfortable because he does not feel safe, he may be afraid and above all, he may not like his bed.
For puppies, plastic models are perfect. This material resists well to the bites of these little teddy bears, especially when they are teething. But that’s not all, plastic doesn’t break and is easy to clean. It is more hygienic and especially in the event of accident, to wash it to put it back in good state does not present any complication. Plastic dog baskets for dogs do not retain parasites, which makes the puppies’ sleeping nest pleasant.

Dogs can adapt to all materials, the choice should be mainly based on the size of the animal.

When the animal gets older and begins to age, its basket or basket must be adapted. Indeed, this category of doggie often suffers from joint problems. An orthopedic-type model is the perfect bed for older animals. This orthopedic bed has been specially designed for them, it allows them to get up very easily and to lie down without difficulty. Its cozy texture relieves the animals’ spine and gives them a deep and restful sleep. This type of bed requires good hygiene; it must be washed, shaken and vacuumed.

The different materials
The basket can be made from different materials such as wicker (see our wicker baskets), plastic and fabric. The one made of fabric is the most original, the most classic and the most cosy. It is available in all colors. This model can get dirty quickly, especially if the animal is used to playing outside and rolling in the mud and on the ground. It requires frequent cleaning to remove hair and remove germs.

The plastic model, like the one for puppies, is very practical, unbreakable and easy to wash. Cleaning with a hose can be sufficient. On the other hand, it is not very aesthetic compared to other materials. For more comfort, washable cushions and blankets can be added to the set.

Wicker models are light, well ventilated and offer a more rustic and sometimes more aesthetic design that can be perfectly suited for interior decoration. The latter requires special attention and a great deal of maintenance. For a better use, it should be equipped with a soft cushion so that the animal can sleep there safely.

The winning choice
The best alternative would be the assembly of a basket (plastic or wicker) and a padded cover. It makes a very good, comfortable, hygienic and safe nest. Normally, the cover is non-allergenic and washable, which simplifies cleaning.

To avoid
If the wicker model is chosen, care must be taken to ensure that it is strong and does not break easily, otherwise the animal may be injured.
Cushions and foam mattresses must be replaced when they begin to wear out. They must not be torn and ingested by the animal because they cannot be digested. Its foams can be dangerous on low quality models.