Sporty walk with my dog

Because running together is always better… Why not take your dog for a sports walk? Your pet will be happy to spend all his energy with you before recharging the batteries at home! Find all the essential equipment you need to run with your dog in order to guarantee comfort and safety for your pet.

We are interested in the subject and gives you a few precautions to take to run with your pet in complete serenity!

Ask for your veterinarian’s approval

“To run, you need a good heart and good breathing! »

Not all dogs and breeds are fit to run and make a strenuous physical effort! It is therefore essential to do a health check with your veterinarian who will give you the green light or not!

Age will be a determining factor! The puppy, in full development, will be able to exercise, but rather oriented towards fun. If physical exercise is too intense and too frequent, he may have growth and joint problems. While the adult, in perfect physical shape, will only wait to muscle his thighs to claim the first place in the canicross challenge!

Just by observing the race of your companion, you can define if you can practice sport walking with him or not. Flat-faced breeds, short on legs will be banned from this endurance exercise (respiratory, cardiac problems…) unlike hunting or sled dogs, which are fearsome marathon runners! That doesn’t prevent your little doggie from being delighted to play for hours at the ball!

Slowly but surely

With a medical certificate in your pocket, it’s soon time to go for a nice long sports walk! Before getting carried away, you have to be well prepared!

It is absolutely necessary to think of not feeding your companion (minimum 1 hour before the departure), to leave on a light stomach! For more energy, privilege proteins, calcium and vitamins.

Each session begins with a warm-up. Alternating rhythm between slow trotting and walking, we warm up the muscles, joints and tendons, to reduce the risk of sprains and other more problematic injuries. Even if your four-legged companion is not as long as you are… So adopt his pace! It’s better for your pet to pull the leash than the other way around!

Take refreshing breaks every quarter of an hour and give your pet a drink. Always carry a bottle of fresh water on your running belt or in your backpack. If your pet is not used to drinking from the bottle, take the portable water bowl with you.

To make the sports walk a pleasure, gradually and gently increase the duration of the run! The dog’s body needs to get used to the exercise, not only muscles and tendons, but also heart and lungs.

Feel the ground!

For your long sportive walks, we advise you to run on nice trails, in the mountains or in the countryside, to awaken all your senses and those of your adorable companion.

But, not everyone is so lucky, so if you live in the city… Don’t panic! Just avoid the main roads or your friend may get scared… And it’s an accident!

If possible, refuse the burning asphalt that damages the animal’s pads.

At each end of the race, check that your pet’s small paw pads are not injured!

Now that you’re warmed up, have a good sports walk!