Dog comforter : Everything to comfort your faithful pet

What could be more adorable than a cuddly toy for your dog! Your pet already makes you melt every day, so what you need in your loving home is a cute and cuddly blanket. What is it really for? Dog plush provides security and comfort to your four-legged friend while collecting the main odors of the house.
Your dog will enjoy many benefits from owning a plush toy, including safety and comfort. The plush symbolizes an ideal playmate, like an imaginary friend who comes to break a too heavy solitude. It soothes your dog’s pain and is a real support for playful and sensory activities. Discover the benefits of plush toys on your dog’s well-being and know how to choose one with kindness.

Soft toy for dogs: make him happy above all

Your dog is like a young child. He needs education, comfort, love and attention. The cuddly toy itself is above all a transitional object that allows a transfer of emotions. When you are away, for example, the dog may be bored or scared or simply want to have fun to let off steam. The stuffed animal acts as a receptacle for the animal’s negative or positive moods. Instead of lashing out at your furniture, the couch, the bars of a chair or the curtains, your puppy will be happy by playing non-stop with dog toys adapted to his young age and needs. Indeed, he can chew it, lick it, bite it hard, all at the same time, without risk of choking on it, comfortably installed in his basket. He will also enjoy burying it in your garden or hiding it. And no, it is not an intrusive mole.

And when you meet your faithful dog after a long day at work, have fun with your companion and play with him by throwing his favorite stuffed animal. You can also highly reward him and use the stuffed animal as part of his dog training. This will encourage positive behavior and stimulate him intellectually and physically. In this way, you will create good daily habits that will reinforce your mutual trust, your complicity and the joy of being together.

The benefits of plush toys for my dog

An ideal toy for puppies:
Soft, supple and warm, the plush toy for a puppy becomes his favorite game. He won’t hurt himself playing or letting off steam. As a master leader, you can also play with your dog and teach him several games that will eventually bring you closer.
A fun and practical accessory:
Get creative and make up games with your young dog. You can hide his blanket to stimulate his nose and help him find his stuffed animal. Outside, throw his stuffed animal and have him try to catch it in the air or by running. Finally, ask him to bring it back to your foot or give it to you in your hand. This is a great learning exercise.
A warm, soothing object:
Maybe your dog is stressed? A stuffed animal is the perfect way to calm his anxieties and reassure him deeply. A move? A new owner, a prolonged absence or health problems? Whatever the factors that will disturb your pet, the cuddly toy brings joy and pleasure, even in difficult moments.
An essential therapeutic role:
Some dog toys have the ability to soothe your pet’s gums, teeth, or massage its body for pleasure. As long as you are not constantly with him, your dog can benefit from a small companion in the shape of animals to occupy him all day long, to confide his fears or to cuddle him.

Plush for dogs: how to choose it well?

Give your dog the best gift: an original and cuddly indestructible plush. Of course, the plush for dog must be adapted to the morphology of the animal, to its age and to the use that you will make of it. He can have several: one that you leave in the bed inside your house, another to play in the garden and another for dental care. Some models feature bells, strong ropes, balls or prey to awaken the hunting instinct. The different materials and colors are varied, giving you a wide range of products to choose from. Choose a stuffed and resistant plush to be safe for a long time and to be able to go through the machine to wash it regularly.

Tip: You just bought your brand new comforter, before giving it to your dog, sleep with it one night so that your scent permeates the plush. Your companion will be even happier to smell the natural scent of his master on his blanket. This will reassure him even more, especially in times of separation.

Don’t be surprised if your dog offers its plush toy to a child or guest as a sign of welcome. Not only is your pet very well-behaved, but he’s made his blanket his own and feels really safe.

Cuddly naps and crazy fun are on the agenda for a dog with a stuffed animal! Your faithful companion will be stimulated by play, whether he is alone or accompanied by his master. And if you’re going on vacation with your dog, don’t forget his beloved stuffed animal, which he won’t be able to part with.