Having a dog increases life expectancy

Several studies have shown that having a dog actually increases life expectancy. But what is the argument of these researchers? On what are they basing themselves?

Having a dog helps you stay in shape

The dynamism of a dog, contrary to the legendary phlegm of cats, pushes its owner to be active to take care of it.
You have to take your canine companion out every day, to allow him to get some fresh air and stretch his legs. But this is as good for the dog as it is for the owner. The owner forces himself to walk alongside the dog, which makes his heart and muscles work every day. These muscles are strengthened by the exercise and the risk of heart disease is reduced.
A good breath of fresh air every day is also good for your health.
Researchers have found that senior citizens who own a dog are ten years younger in terms of physical fitness.

Beneficial effects on morale too

Dogs are also an excellent remedy for depression.
Not only does daily activity and outings boost morale and ward off boredom, but a dog’s affection is boundless. It is an ideal companion for people who feel lonely. Its dynamism and joy of living bring life to the house.
If you don’t feel you can afford to take in a dog, either to support it permanently or to pay veterinary bills, some organizations offer dog rentals to seniors.

If you are the proud owner of a dog and you are over 65 years of age, then expect to get younger and younger! Continue to walk your pet and maintain a real bond of affection with it.