Cat typhus is back!

Several cases of typhus in cats have been detected in Brittany and Beaujolais, causing the death of unvaccinated cats. It is necessary to be vigilant, to know how to recognize the symptoms and to act well beforehand in order to avoid any contamination.

What is typhus in cats?

A viral disease, extremely contagious and fatal, cat typhus, also called “infectious panleukopenia”, manifests itself by :

  • a deep depression,
  • tremors,
  • vomiting,
  • blindness,
  • of decoration,
  • Fever,
  • a gastro with a very pronounced and very characteristic smell.

Symptoms may appear after an incubation period of two to seven days and resemble simple gastroenteritis. Cats get the virus by sniffing or ingesting materials from an infected cat, but also by infecting fleas. The virus is highly contagious since it remains active after 6 weeks of treatment.

What remedy for an infected cat?

Once the symptoms have been isolated, it is imperative to isolate the small feline, take it to the veterinarian and properly vaccinate the other cats in the household that are not infected. The veterinarian will be able to determine by extensive examinations whether it is gastroenteritis or fatal typhus. The problem is that there is no miracle cure, with 100% proven effectiveness. Only the Omega Feline Interferon can fight typhus, but this treatment is expensive and the effectiveness remains to be defined according to the cat (only 10% to 50% chance of survival of a cat suffering from typhus). Taken care of, under infusion, anti-vomit and antibiotics, it will then be up to your tomcat to actively fight against this disease to survive.

For the decontamination of the habitat, think of the bleach which comes to end the microbe, in case of epidemic. Moreover, it proves to be essential to make a sanitary vacuum, by dislodging the felines from the contaminated room, during at least 3 months (period during which the virus remains active).

Prevention required…

In order to avoid any contamination which turns out to be 90% fatal, it is advisable to vaccinate your cat in order to guarantee him health, vitality and longevity at your side. Recalls are to be renewed every year.

A piece of advice: be vigilant and vaccinate your pet against cat typhus!