How to choose your cat tree?

The house cat leads a pasha’s life! Between naps and food, his daily activities must nevertheless be punctuated by play and physical exercise to avoid being overweight and bored. In the city, in an apartment, or even on the 4th floor… Your pet is limited in space and cannot take to the air to satisfy his feline instincts! Thus, so that it continues to run, climb, jump, but also to nap and hide… The cat tree or scratching post, indispensable for cats, is a dazzling success, especially for apartment cats! There are hundreds of models, of all sizes, prices and designs… so how do you choose your cat tree?

Quality and stability above all!

While having fun, cats will deploy a force that can quickly damage the tree if it is fragile, even if you have several cats at home. To deal with the daily landings, energetic jumps, scratches and other damages… Be careful to choose a cat tree made of solid material, especially for the base and platforms. The wood is very sturdy and solid for example.

Dimensions adapted to my cat and my interior!

The cat tree should not be too bulky for your home and should be installed in the living room, in your company.

From 35 cm to 3 meters high, the size must be appropriate for the age of your pet and the space of your home. A kitten will have fun on a small cat tree, unlike an adult who will want something higher with a medium cat tree or a giant cat tree, (ideal for several animals) to jump from one level to another.

But the taller the better, the more fun it is!

A crazy playground!

For his well-being, your four-legged companion needs to spend his energy climbing, running, hiding, attacking… Thus, he needs a dedicated space, to avoid breakage! Nothing better than the cat tree! It is advisable to vary the pleasures of play between multiple platforms, stairs, hammock, hut, rope, fabric, tunnel, hiding place, suspended games (mouse …) … For his greatest happiness!

The more activities there will be, the more the animal will appropriate its play space without ever getting tired!

But a space to take a nap all the same !

This big pasha, will not spend his day playing on his tree, because after the exercise, it is necessary to eat and of course to take a little nap for digestion! It’s better to choose a cat tree with different trays and areas dedicated to sleep like hiding places. In a quiet place, far from daylight and noise, your pet will particularly appreciate the softness of the plush cat trees, for its greater comfort!

A cat tree with a scratching post if possible!

Long claws can injure the animal and break. Very autonomous, the cat files its nails by itself. To avoid scratching on the sofa, it is preferable to invest in a cat scratching post … So why not kill two birds with one stone and invest in a cat tree with a scratching post?

Last tip!

Now that I have the cat tree… he doesn’t use it! If your feline has difficulty to appropriate his new playground… Don’t panic! Discover the benefits of catnip. Sprinkle the base of the trunk and the various trays (or perches) with this intoxicating grass. And bingo, your cat will rush like crazy!