How do I take care of my cat during the winter?

During the winter, your cat’s needs change. It is important to provide him with an adapted diet, a cozy bed, as well as playful distractions to occupy his time.

Adapting your cat’s diet

During the winter period, cats have a decreasing energy expenditure and the hibernation period can attack. No more naps and less physical exertion… A real pasha’s life! But with this rhythm of life, cats, especially indoor cats, can gain weight. So, it becomes essential to give them a food adapted to their new needs by choosing indoor or light cat kibbles for example. This food will be less energetic while providing a feeling of satiety. For the greedy ones, it is preferable to divide the rations even more or to choose a kibble dispenser.

A warm and cozy bed

Cats want to find the warmest and coziest corner of the house to sneak in and hibernate for long hours of naps. Often, we find our little tomcat near the fireplace, on radiators, computers or ink under the comforter or in our slippers … What a funny idea!

To satisfy them during the winter and in case of a cold spell, you can contribute to their well-being by offering your little feline a cozy hiding place according to its character and habits. Observe your feline, determine its favourite nap place and install its bed. There are many models of cat beds available. Cat kennels, houses and other shelters will satisfy cats who like to hide and have a quiet place to rest. Think about stuffed plush baskets that are open for those who like to feel safe knowing there is passage around them. To share the couch, install a plaid or fleece blanket and avoid hair, while providing warmth to the little body of your favorite tomcat. Finally, radiator beds can be a solution for cats that sleep in direct contact with the heat source.

Keeping your cat busy during the winter

If your cat goes out during the nice days, he may get bored once winter comes. Even if his main activity will remain napping, it becomes essential to enrich his environment with playful distractions. Offer him a cat tree, a scratching post, mice, balls… In addition to strengthening the bonds between you, your cat will keep a physical activity essential to his well-being.

Thus, winter will no longer be a season of hibernation but a happy period!