Winter vacations and animals

The first question to ask yourself is whether the place you are going to stay during your vacation accepts pets. The rental websites usually mention if pets are allowed or not, but you should ask the rental agency or the hotel where you want to stay. It is not uncommon for vacation providers to make certain reservations when it comes to a large dog.

He goes with you

You have the green light to take your pet with you, now it’s time to organize his stay.
First of all, the transportation. Even if it seems trivial, not all animals are used to traveling. If you are not sure if your pet can handle long trips, talk to your veterinarian. He or she can prescribe medication to reduce your pet’s anxiety or prevent motion sickness (it does exist!).

Take the opportunity to check that his papers are in order and that he is correctly identified. Moreover, if you decide to cross the border into France, you will have to have your pet vaccinated against rabies.

Once on the road, if you are going by car, plan regular breaks so that your pet can stretch its legs and hydrate. It is also important that your pet not be able to disturb you while you are driving, there are separation systems in the form of nets or grids to position in the car. You can also opt for a travel harness, which clips onto a seatbelt attachment. If you choose to travel by train, you will have to pay for your pet’s seat if it cannot travel on your lap. There is no need to try to make the controller believe that a 50 kg doggie will not take a seat! If it’s a small dog or cat, it can travel free with you. For the occasion, bring a carrier, your pet will feel safe and will not bother the other travelers. In either case, remember to take your pet’s papers.

Once you arrive at the vacation rental, choose a place that will be dedicated to your pet, it must feel like home, you will install its basket and its bowls. You will have taken care to take enough food for the whole duration of your stay, even more to manage the unforeseen, you are not safe from being stuck on the station because of the weather conditions.

Finally, it’s time to go for a walk in the powder. Before going out, ask the resort if there are any areas where dogs are not allowed. In general, dogs love the snow, but be careful to protect them from the cold. Not all breeds are adapted to it and it also depends on your dog’s lifestyle and age. If your dog spends his days at home in the warmth of the snow, precautions must be taken. For the most sensitive breeds, especially short-haired dogs such as Great Danes, you can get dog coats. Choose a warm and waterproof model, there are some for all sizes.

Adapt the time of the outing to your dog, if he starts to show signs of cold bring him in quickly. This will prevent him from catching a cold. You can increase the length of the walks as you go along. When there is a lot of snow, it is also necessary to provide boots for dogs, and yes, there are after-ski boots for dogs. The pads of our companions are not really adapted to the snow, an accumulation between them can cause chapping and pain, the animal can present bleeding under the paws and start limping. The boots will protect him from these disadvantages.

The choice of a special ski suit for your dog can be made on the internet or in a pet shop, but try it out before you leave. The coat should not be too tight, create friction or hinder the dog’s movements. Regarding the boots, some dogs have a relatively long adaptation time, and rather funny, to walk while wearing boots…

You can’t take your pet with you

If your pet is not accepted on your vacation, there are several solutions to give you peace of mind.

If your pet is used to being left alone during the day, you can leave it at home and have someone come to feed it and take it out. There is certainly a neighbor or a friend in your entourage who will be able to take care of it, and why not stay on the spot, which will have the double interest of protecting your house from possible thieves. If no one can help you out, don’t panic, there are pet sitting services at home. You can find their contact information on the Internet or in the classified ads. You can even post an ad and offer a job to a student.

Another solution is to put your pet in a boarding facility. From simple kennels, to family boarding and even luxury hotels for four-legged animals, there is something for everyone. Adapt your choice to your finances and the character of the animal. It is also recommended to visit the boarding facility before entrusting your dog or cat, so you can see if the place is clean, secure and if the residents feel comfortable.