3 tips to finally get him to use his cat tree!

Cats spend their time climbing, playing, sleeping but also doing their claws. To satisfy these natural needs, the cat tree is ideal. Usually consisting of raised platforms for observation, tunnels for hiding, cozy nests and a scratching post, the cat tree is a very useful object for your feline. But sometimes, he may sulk! How can you get him to use it?

1/ Place it near scratching areas

Scratching is a normal behavior for a cat. By scratching, he stretches, he sharpens his claws and cleans them, he takes pleasure and finally he marks his territory. His favorite places are often the couch, furniture corners, doors and passage areas. That’s why you’ll install your cat tree in these places of passage, in the room where you are most often (the living room or the kitchen for example), not far from the sofa and any other piece of furniture that he damages. Your pet should not feel isolated, but should be close to you. You should also make sure that your pet can see the outside from his tree.
To get him used to clawing on his tree, observe him, and as soon as he attacks your sofa or door, take him on it. He will associate the gesture of scratching with the place where you put him.

2/ Enrich it with accessories

To optimize your chances of success and get your hairball to go to his cat tree, it must be attractive. Choose a multi-level tree, with hiding places and platforms in and on which he’ll feel comfortable sleeping, frolicking or watching. You can add various fun accessories. Hang up corks, feathers, and even mice for him to play with. Hide crumpled paper balls. Feel free to play with him by shaking these items to get him to climb and scratch. Place a few of his favorite treats along or on top of the tree. No doubt your little gourmand will do anything to grab them.

3/ Attract your cat with attractive products

If all these tips don’t work, use scented products such as catnip or Feliscratch.
Catnip is an aromatic plant that has an attractive and hallucinatory effect on cats. If you sprinkle it on the scratching post, your kitty will climb the tree to breathe in the plant. This way, he will quickly make the place his own.
Feliscratch is a product that contains catnip extract and synthetic pheromones similar to those produced by cats. Pour a pipette of this product on the scratching post. Your pet will be attracted to the scent and also to the blue marks left, which resemble scratches.

Start training your cat when she’s still small. Teach him to use his cat tree early on. This way, he’ll forget about your couch or table corners.