My cat meows: what does it want to tell me?

The meow is a characteristic sound in cats and there are even several types, did you know that? They differ by their intonation, their frequency, their duration, but also by their intensity! Also, the meow is associated with a singular body language, at the level of the tail and the ears in particular, and which, in association, makes it possible to identify well what your feline tries to tell you! What message does your cat want to send you? Answer in this article!

1/ Loud and low meowing

This surprising and intense sound expresses fear or anger.
A cat stressed during a car ride in its carrier will, for example, use this meow to express its anxiety.
Also, it expresses the wrath of your feline if it crosses the road of another of its fellow creatures whose company it does not appreciate! These vocalizations are also accompanied by bristling hairs as well as growling and snarling.

2/ Soft and slightly high-pitched meowing

Cute little vocalizations that make you feel good! When addressing you, your cat can also “trill”, that is to say emit a very cheerful sound similar to a cooing!

3/ Meowing with purring

Your cat is happy and wants your attention and affection! In this case, he also adopts a singular body language: he rubs himself against you or puts himself “in your legs” so that you take care of him, or he shrivels up, bristles his hair and curves the end of his tail, while making it wag.

4/ Prolonged and insistent meowing

Your cat wants something and lets you know it by insisting by meowing excessively: his meal which does not arrive quickly enough to his taste, for example!

5/ Jerky meowing

Translating a bad mood, your cat is upset and lets you know it! In the case of frustration, it can be associated with a cackling, a chattering of teeth, if for example, your cat sees a bird through the window, knowing that he can not reach it. Also, this jerky meowing may be accompanied by a fairly strong tail flapping, an expression of dissatisfaction.