What parts can be replaced on a cat tree?

It’s true that a cat tree is designed to entertain your feline, but over time, your cat’s climbing, scratching and biting will take its toll on this much needed accessory. Fortunately, manufacturers have provided replacement parts for the parts that have suffered the most damage, such as the sisal pole, the hammock and the screws.

  • Sisal Posts: The cat tree post is the one that supports all the others and is also the one that suffers the most damage, especially from your feline’s more or less dynamic scratching. Don’t be surprised if it appears in a sorry state after only a few months. There’s no need to worry, because this item is replaceable. It comes in different diameters ranging from 7 to 10 cm. To choose it, you just need to measure the diameter and length of the post to be replaced in order to select a similar reference.
    Since it is a spare part, all you need to do for the replacement is to remove the old worn pole and put the new one in place, before completely reassembling the cat tree.
  • Hammock: Cats love to rest in their hammocks, but just like the sisal pole, the little feline won’t mind scratching and biting it. No matter how good the quality is, the plush covering will eventually tear. Since it is a versatile accessory, it can easily be anchored to cat trees in the same line so it can be easily replaced.
  • Finally, the hardware is also an easy-to-find and easy-to-change item.