How do I get my dog used to brushing?

Usually, the brushing of a dog by its owner is an extraordinary moment of well-being and complicity. It is also very important for the hygiene and beauty of the coat. However, it happens that, for some animals, the grooming moment is synonymous with torture. Discover our tricks to gently accustom a dog that refuses to be brushed.

Why is brushing your dog important?

As long as you choose one, or even several, tools adapted to his coat, brushing allows you to remove knots, eliminate dead hair, detangle, tidy up and make his coat shine. When your dog refuses to accept the brush, it’s normal to feel like giving up. However, brushing is an essential, even mandatory step, especially for long-haired animals. It is therefore necessary to be patient and to know how to react to your pet’s negative behavior in order to make him understand that you are doing this for his good.

What methods to use to brush your pet?

Whenever possible, it is important to get your dog used to brushing from a young age, to make him understand that the brush is a harmless object, only there for his well-being.

As an adult, to get a reluctant dog used to brushing, you can use positive reinforcement by rewarding him with a toy or a treat when he lets you brush him.

If you notice that your dog is frightened by the brush, the first thing to do is to familiarize him with it. Gently approach him, give him a first, gentle stroke and praise him. Continue brushing him while stopping to praise him. If you find that your dog is really uncomfortable, stop the session and come back to him later in the day. This is not a simple task and will not make his fears go away in one session, but it is important to be gentle, calm and patient and to go step by step, until the day when the praise comes only at the end of the brushing!

If your dog tends to attack the brush and wants to play more than be groomed, wait until he calms down or lay him on his side so you can brush him gently.

Finally, it is important to know how to choose the right moment, as much for him as for you. He must be calm and must seek your attention and you, you must be perfectly serene and willing to be, very, very, patient.