Why choose a memory foam mattress for dogs?

You may not be satisfied with your dog’s current bedding and want to know more about the revolutionary memory foam dog mattress. Give your pet the best mattress for the best health.
Choosing a memory foam mattress for dogs means guaranteeing a top-of-the-line orthopedic bedding with many undeniable advantages for his prosperity.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress provides impeccable comfort

Just as important as food, your dog’s sleep is essential and restorative. Did you know that your pet will spend an average of 7 years sleeping during its life? Therefore, you should not neglect your pet’s soft bedding and peaceful sleep by choosing a quality memory foam mattress that is very comfortable, durable and beneficial to his health.

The memory foam dog mattress or orthopedic bed is a memory foam mattress, available in several sizes for small or large dogs. The visco-elastic material absorbs shocks and provides a breathable material for good air circulation. Your dog maintains an ideal body temperature during the night or nap. Your dog may not move around as much and will sleep like a log without sweating because he is comfortable.

How is this possible? The visco-elastic foam perfectly fits your pet’s morphology, with each movement, and distributes pressure points evenly. His muscles are completely relaxed for a very good quality sleep, and a wake up in full form. The memory foam does not deform and regains its elasticity on a daily basis for impeccable relaxation.

The benefits of an orthopedic bed, a better quality of well-being

You can give your dog a carefree longevity of life thanks to a memory foam bed with unequalled optimal comfort.

If you get your puppy used to sleeping on a memory foam bed, mattress or cushion, you’ll ensure that he stays remarkably healthy and prevents joint problems in his old age.

The memory foam technology helps reduce circulatory problems and relieve joint pain. It keeps the animal’s spine sufficiently firm and flexible at the same time.

Buying a memory foam mattress helps prevent arthritis, promotes good blood circulation and relieves neck tension while limiting lower back pain. This high-density mattress helps to eliminate all forms of joint problems, such as hip pain.

The interest of a memory foam mattress compared to a classic mattress

The comfort zones are perfectly balanced. This high resilience mattress offers a firm support to your dog, with an efficient ventilation, a good support of its skeleton, and a high quality antibacterial and anti-mite comfort. The synthetic and resistant 100% polyester materials prevent the formation of bacteria. A removable cover allows you to machine wash it at up to 60° to destroy impurities.

Your dog’s weight will not sag in a good orthopedic mattress that perfectly fits your pet’s shape. Your sleeper will curl up for hours in its ultra soft little cloud to rest well.

Indeed, the classic mattresses or ordinary beds are stuffed with materials of lower quality to be competitive on the market. Cotton or polyester do not provide the same high quality support as viscoelastic. Your dog’s joints may crash to the ground on a hard bed, which can lead to long-term joint problems or osteoarthritis.

It is proven that the orthopedic dog cushion allows a perfect alignment of his body in its axis, a preserved joint and a cartilage without stress.

Ergonomic mattresses are highly recommended for dogs that are sick or recovering, large, lightly built or aging. Certainly, senior dogs deserve all the comfort they can get to relieve age-related ailments: joint pain, arthritis, poor blood circulation, etc.

Also, after a surgical operation, or a forced immobilization, your dog will be able to heal serenely and regain its strength quickly on an independent memory bed, avoiding complications of bedsores or some skin irritations.

Finally, these mattresses with their innovative and breathable padding will adapt to the different morphologies of dogs, whether your dog is light as a feather or on the contrary very imposing. His vertebrae will be fully respected thanks to the elastic thickness of the orthopedic bedding adapted to his size and weight, in sizes S, M, L and XXL.

TO REMEMBER! Choosing the right memory foam mattress for your dog will considerably reduce your pet’s suffering. No more back problems and restless nights. Every morning, you will find your companion really rested and in shape to start a beautiful day with you.