Dog collar: 4 tips to choose the right one

The dog is one of the favorite pets. More and more people adopt a dog, for various reasons. And for good reason, lonely people, for example, are in great need of company and the presence of a dog is reassuring for them. However, many people adopt a dog, but do not think about the investment that it represents afterwards. Among these investments, there is the dog collar. These accessories are very useful. However, there are many different collars. In this case, here are our 4 tips for choosing a dog collar.

1/ Choose the material of the collar

Most people don’t think about this detail, but it is very important. In fact, there are many different materials used to make dog collars. But contrary to what you might think, some materials are not suitable for dogs. The materials that stand out are leatherette, leather and nylon. Logically, your choice will be leather for its robustness. The problem is that leather makes the collar heavy and can cause allergies in dogs with sensitive skin. If you want to opt for a universal reference, we recommend a nylon collar.

2/ Think about your dog’s morphology

Before choosing a collar for your dog, you need to take some measurements, especially his neck size. If the collar is not the right size, it could be problematic. If the collar is too tight, the dog may choke and if it is too big, your dog may run away during a walk.

3/ Consider the size of your dog

Some people prefer to buy a collar while others opt for a harness. For an adult dog that pulls hard on its leash, it is better to choose a harness, because the collar could hurt it. The same is true for puppies and small breeds of dogs.

4/ Don’t forget the collar’s practicality

If the collar must be comfortable for your dog, it must also be practical for you. Therefore, you need to find a collar that is durable and easy to open and close. If you waste time putting on the collar every time you want to take your dog out, there’s not much point. In other words, when you choose a dog collar, think about your pet as well as yourself.