Aromatherapy: for dogs too!

Smells play an important role for dogs and we can influence their behavior by making them breathe particular smells. Aromatherapy is therefore developing in dogs!

Aromatherapy requires a very good knowledge of essential oils. It is advisable to use veterinary specialties developed specifically for certain indications.


Aromatherapy helps to combat certain anxiety-related disorders, thanks to the effects of essential oils known for their calming properties. When the dog breathes them in, his stress level decreases! The effect on the dog is generally visible after a few minutes of exposure.

For dogs, aromatherapy can be interesting to minimize the effect of temporary stress: boarding, moving, traveling a bit long, preparing for a visit to the veterinary clinic, acclimatizing a new pet at home, etc.
In the case of serious behavioral problems, aromatherapy should only be used as part of a veterinary follow-up, in association with adapted behavioral therapy. The positive effects of behavioral therapy are more quickly observed with supportive aromatherapy.


Spray products are available on the market: simply spray the contents onto different supports in contact with the dog: basket, cushion, transport cage, car, kennel cage, etc. The product can also be sprayed on boots or trouser bottoms to calm a dog during walks. Inside the house, you can use a diffuser connected to an electrical outlet.

The two devices, spray, and diffuser, can complement each other. Either one or the other, refills are available to extend the use if necessary. Ask your pharmacist for advice