What treats for my cat?

You live with a ball of fur, and you want to give him treats to reward him, to educate him, or simply to please him? But with so many choices, you don’t know where to turn to satisfy your four-legged friend while keeping him healthy? The good news is that there are many types of treats that can be used to treat your cat while keeping it healthy.

Why give your cat treats?

First of all, there are two main reasons to give your cat treats. The first is obviously pleasure. Giving your cat treats to please him or congratulate him when he behaves well is natural, and facilitates the creation of an emotional bond with our pet. Treats can also have a sanitary objective, and thus allow to reinforce the health and the hygiene of a cat, or even help to control its weight. For example, you can find treats that help clean a cat’s teeth or fight hairballs.

What kind of treats should I give my cat?

Before we talk about the types of treats available, it’s important to talk about “homemade” treats. Even if they are made to the best of our ability, they should not be given to our pets. Even if our cats love them, they are always too fatty and too sweet, disrupting the cats’ diet and giving them too much energy. We’ve all had the urge to treat our pets by making them something ourselves. However, if you want to give your cat treats, it’s healthier to buy specialized treats designed for our pets than to make your own.

There are 5 different types of treats for cats. First of all, snacks are small treats designed to please our companions. They can also help with oral hygiene by fighting tartar build-up. Another type of treat is chewable rolls and sticks. Stronger than snacks, the sticks will last longer, and will allow your cat to work on his chewing while enjoying himself. There are also lickable pastes for cats. These treats, available in paste or liquid form, are very popular with cats for their taste. Opting for this type of treat will delight your fur ball at cost on the gustatory level. Licking pastes can also help with education, but also with medication when needed.

However, if your priority for the purchase of treats is the health of your cat, there are medical treats, specially adapted to hygiene. Often dedicated to the oral hygiene of cats, or to the management of their hair, these treats do not skimp on the taste, and will delight the pallet of your companion, in the form of classic snacks. Finally, if your concern is your pet’s weight, natural treats are perfect for you. These treats are designed with a minimum of sugar and unnecessary additives.

There are many varieties of treats to please your cat while keeping him healthy. Whether we simply want to spoil him with snacks or sticks, educate him with licking pastes, or pay attention to his health and nutrition with medical or natural treats, solutions exist. However, each animal has its own tastes, and it is up to you to fulfill its expectations. Be careful not to forget that treats are neither meals nor food supplements. You must not abuse them and always favor a healthy diet, based on specially adapted food, while controlling the doses given. You can find all types of treats in our online store here. You will also find advice on the benefits of each treat in order to choose the one that will best suit your cat.