Which cat collar to choose?

You have just adopted a cat and you don’t know which collar to choose? You want to change your cat’s collar and you don’t know which model to choose? Before making your choice, you should take into consideration the characteristics of your cat: Is it a pet that never goes out without you or an independent cat that likes to go out at night?

Classic collars for indoor cats

Is your pet a hardcore domestic feline that almost never leaves the house or your garden? Then choose a classic cat collar. These models are usually made of leather, nylon or fabric.

The leather collar is always of good quality. Even if it is the most expensive model, it is the best value for money, resists wear and tear and keeps its original appearance for a long time. In addition, this material has the advantage of acquiring a very aesthetic patina appearance.

There is a wide variety of classic models. So make your choice according to your personal references: colored, with sequins, patterns, a scarf or a pendant.

Collars for independent cats

Your little feline is an independent animal. He often goes out day and night. You should therefore choose collars that are specially designed to ensure your cat’s safety and to locate him wherever he goes. You will need collars equipped with :

  • Reflective bands: Collars with reflective bands are very useful for cats that go out at night. This accessory allows you to locate your pet as soon as it leaves the house. This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your pet and avoid any accidents.
  • Tag: Choose a collar with a tag on which you can write your name, phone number and address. Such a simple trick can save you a lot of search time and anxiety. If someone finds it, they’ll know where to take it or at least contact you to pick it up.
  • GPS or camera: Some manufacturers have adapted new technologies to felines. There are now cat collars on the market that are equipped with a GPS or a camera. If you want to ensure maximum security for your cat, choose a model with GPS or camera. These high-tech accessories can be integrated into any standard collar. With GPS, you can track your cat’s movements in real time by connecting it to your computer, tablet or smartphone. With a camera, you will be able to strengthen your monitoring device. The route taken by your pet will be tangible, in addition to being able to see it at any time.

Whatever the material or model of the collar you choose, always opt for an elastic or anti-strangulation closure. These closures are designed to protect your feline from possible strangulation, especially when the collar is attached to another object.