DIY workshop: a teepee for my cat!

Your cat loves hiding places where he can rest? You want to please him by offering him one, but without ruining your interior decoration? What better way to do this than to make one yourself!

How to make a cat teepee?

The advantage of a homemade product is that you can choose the materials and colors you like. In the case of this DIY, the wood, rope and fabric only need to appeal to your good taste in terms of decoration in order to join the very closed circle that is the composition of the luxury hut of your dear tomcat! For the less skilled among you, rest assured, this teepee does not require sewing skills!

Materials needed to make this DIY:

  • 4 round wooden sticks, large enough and of the same size
  • A good length of rope
  • A nice piece of fabric
  • Scissors
  • A craft stapler
  • A drill
  • A jigsaw, if your wooden sticks need cutting

In order to securely bind the structure and not risk it collapsing while your feline is quietly napping in his pretty new Indian house, using a drill, drill a hole a few inches from one end of each stick, at the same height.

Then, thread the rope through each hole to secure the sticks together, and tie. Then tie the sticks together by passing the rope between them in a random fashion, always ending with a knot.

Next, spread the sticks apart at the base a reasonable distance to form a nice teepee. To prevent the feet from slipping and the structure from collapsing, limit the distance between the feet by tying them two by two on three sides at their base with rope. Leave one side free so as not to interfere with your feline’s entry.

Place the fabric of your choice on the structure, defining a nice fall of the fabric and always leaving one side free. Once you are happy with the result, attach the fabric to the top of the sticks with a craft stapler.

Finally, place your creation in your home. For added comfort, tuck your cat’s beloved pillow or favorite blanket into your teepee. Then make the introductions, stand back, and smile – you can be proud of yourself!