Water fountain for cats: 5 good reasons to adopt it

If you are not yet totally convinced by the fact of acquiring a water fountain for cats, you should know that it offers many advantages compared to a simple bowl. We suggest you discover its 5 main uses in order to definitely seduce you!

1 It provides better quality water

The fountain is equipped with a pump that ensures the constant renewal of the water in order to oxygenate and refresh it. Also, it often includes a filter that allows to retain impurities, such as dust or hair, in order to provide your pet with a perfectly clear liquid.

2 encourages drinking

Naturally, some cats don’t drink much water, which is not good for their health. By means of moving water, the fountain has a certain power of attraction that encourages curious cats to use it, which is not necessarily the case with a simple bowl!

3 It prevents urinary problems

Lack of water can have many long-term health consequences for your feline, including kidney and urinary tract problems. As with humans, drinking enough water dilutes the urine, thus preventing the formation of stones. Also, the volume of urine is increased, which means that the bladder must be flushed regularly to eliminate toxins.

4 It is perfectly autonomous

In the case of a simple bowl, the water is stagnant and can easily get dirty, which implies a very frequent renewal. The cat water fountain, on the other hand, requires only a minimum of maintenance, namely regular washing and a filter change every 3 months. With it, even during your absences, you are sure that your cat can drink properly with quality water.

5 It appeals to tap lovers

Does your cat like to drink water from your sink faucet and often sulks in his bowl the rest of the time? Then he may be enchanted by the flow of a fountain.
No need to waste water or to be your feline’s slave when it comes to opening and closing the faucet, the fountain is there to replace you!